List of TellerPhone Service Codes

NOTE: You may use TellerPhone two different ways: the Expert Mode or the Menu Mode. When you sign up, you are set to use the Expert Mode using the codes listed below. If you prefer to move step-by-step through a series of menus, enter 82# when asked to enter a service code and follow the instructions given. TellerPhone number: 662-2533 or 1-800-96TOUCH.

Special Services Code
Change Your Access Code 80#
Move to Another Account 81#
Change Expert to Menu Mode 82#
Help! (List of Codes) 85#
Exit the System 99#
Balance Inquiries
Savings Accounts 10#
Loans/VISA 11#
Checking Account 12#
Loan Balance on a Specific Date 13#
History Inquiries
Last Payroll Deposit 20#
Last Deposit 21#
Savings and Checking History 22#
Loan/VISA History 24#
Savings Deposits 25#
Recent ATM Transactions 26#
Change # of History Transactions 27#
Income Tax Information
Dividends Earned (Current and Previous Year) 70#
Interest Paid (Current and Previous Year) 71#
IRA Contributions (Current and Previous Year) 72#
Check Withdrawal
(Minimum-$50.00. Check is mailed to the address we have in our system for your account)
From Share Savings 30#
From Checking 31#
From VISA 32#
Account to Account 40#
Payment from Account to Loan/VISA 41#
Advance from Loan/VISA to Account 42#
Other Checking Information
Check Clearance (by number) 50#
List of Checks Cleared 53#
Request Check Copy 51#
Request Stop Payment
Please note that a stop payment made using TellerPhone (telephone teller) or MemberNet online banking is valid for two weeks. Before the two-week expiration date, you will receive a form from the credit union that you can use to authorize an extension of the stop payment for up to 6 months. You need to sign the form and return it to UMCU.
Other Loan Information
Loan Payment Inquiry 60#
Loan Payoff Amount 65#
Fax Information
Account Summary by Fax 73#
Account Statement by Fax ($1 fee) 74#
Change Home Fax Number 75#
Change Business Fax Number 76#


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