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TellerPhone is our automated telephone banking system, and it's easy to use. Call 734-662-2533 or 1-800-968-6824 from any touch-tone phone, enter your four-digit access code, and interact with UMCU's computer about your account. Print these instructions on how to use the TellerPhone system. This is a free service, available to all members. To register, call 734-662-8200 and speak with a Contact Center Specialist.

Instructions for Using the TellerPhone System

  • When you call TellerPhone, enter your account number and access code. Your account number should be no more than six digits.
    You must enter the # sign after every entry.
  • Enter the two-digit service code for the transaction you wish to do. The computer will ask you for the appropriate Share or Loan ID. Please see your statement for IDs. Some of the more common IDs used are:

    Share Savings - 00 VISA I - 50
    Checking - 80 or 82 VISA Classic - 70
    Savings Plus - 09 Revolving Credit - 40


  • When entering an amount, the decimal is automatically placed before the last two digits you enter. For example, $150.00 should be entered as 15000#.
  • When entering dates, use six digits. For example, enter May 25, 2012 as 052512#.
  • Financial transactions require that you enter 1# to complete the transaction or 9# to cancel. Don't forget this step or your transaction may not be processed.
  • When you are finished using the system, please enter 99#.
  • Don't forget to use the pound sign (#) after every entry!
  • You may make transfers between separate account numbers, but we must have your written authorization to do this, and you must be a signer on any accounts involved. Please contact one of our offices for an application.
  • PRACTICE ACCOUNT - Use account 1# and access code 2345# to practice as often as you like.

For a complete list of TellerPhone service codes, click here.


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