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Fee Schedule

As a non-profit financial cooperative, we believe all members have a responsibility to share reasonable costs. Fees are charged to members using specific services, rather than the total membership incurring the costs. The following is a list of current fees and related services.


Account/Activity Fee

Checking Accounts

Basic Checking & Go Blue Checking No monthly fee
Interest Checking Monthly Maintenance
(no monthly maintenance fee with a minimum daily balance of $500)
Courtesy Pay $30.00
Non-Sufficient Funds
(each time check or preauthorized withdrawal is presented)
Overdraft Protection
(preauthorized transfers from savings, checking, Visa or Line of Credit)
Stop payment (per stop requested)

Please note that a stop payment made using TellerPhone (telephone teller) or MemberNet online banking is valid for two weeks. Before the two-week expiration date, you will receive a form from the credit union that you can use to authorize an extension of the stop payment. You need to sign the form and return it to UMCU

Temporary Checks (4) $2.00

Visa & ATM Fees

(Visa Check (Debit), Visa Gold (Home Equity), Visa Credit Cards)  
Replacement Card $5.00
Non-UMCU/ Non-CO-OP Network ATM Transaction
(Fee waived for 4 transactions per month for accounts in good standing. All transactions free for CU+ accounts in good standing. Additional surcharge fees charged by non-UMCU owners may apply.)
Foreign Transaction
(transaction in foreign currency or with foreign merchant)
Visa Credit Late Payment up to $35.00
Visa Gold Late Payment $28.00
Expedited Phone Loan Payment $10.00
Sales Draft Copy $10.00

Foreign Items

Foreign Currency Deposit $15.00
Foreign Currency Sales (plus applicable shipping fee) $8.00
Foreign Item Deposit (plus applicable collection fees) up to $20.00

Loan Fees

Expedited Phone Loan Payment $10.00
Late Loan Payment $25.00
Lien Verification (per month after 45 days) $75.00
Loan Payment Returned $30.00
Refinance of UMCU Loan $75.00

Wire Transfers

Incoming Wire $10.00
Domestic Outgoing Wire $25.00
International Outgoing Wire $45.00

ACH Fees

ACH Non-Sufficient Funds $30.00
ACH Overdraft Transfer $2.00
ACH Stop Payment $30.00

Credit Card Fees

Annual Fee None
Balance Transfer No charge
Cash Advance No charge
Foreign Transaction 1% of each transaction amount in U.S. dollars
Non-UMCU/Non-CO-OP Network ATM Transaction $2.00
Overdraft Protection $2.00
Late Payment Up to $35.00
Over-the-Credit Limit None
Replacement Card $5.00 for each card
Sales Draft Copy $10.00
Statement Copy $5.00
Account Research $30.00 per hour
Expedited Phone Payment $10.00


Inactivity Fee
(waived if aggregate balance is over $100 and / or activity on any share or loan on the account within the last 6 months)
$5.00 per month
Account Closing
(if closed within first 90 days)
Account Research $30.00
Bill Pay Expedited Payment $9.95
Cashier's Check $4.00
Coin Orders $1 per $100 over $1,000
Currency Orders $0.10 per $100 over $5,000
Deposit Item Returned $12.00 per item
Document / Item Copies (Account History, Statement, Checks) $5.00
Garnishment/ Levy $75.00
Holiday Savings Withdrawal
(excludes transfer on November 1)
Money Market Monthly Maintenance
(no monthly maintenance fee with a minimum daily balance of $500)
Non-Member Notary Fee $10.00
Paper Statement $1.00 monthly
Pre-Escheats $50.00
Signature Guarantee Service $5.00
Stop Payment (per stop requested) $30.00
Traveler's Checks 1.5% of sale
Visa Gift Card $5.95 ($5.95/$7.95 online)
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