E-Mail Scams

Advanced Fee Fraud

Advanced Fee Fraud is a common scam where the con artist persuades the victim into sending advance sums of money with the anticipation of receiving a bigger financial gain. Contact is often made via e-mail or letter and the sender is typically from a foreign country.

Examples of "Advanced Fee Fraud"

Nigerian Scam
This common scam involves emails received from various countries including Nigeria, South Africa, and other European countries. Typically the con artist impersonates a high ranking government official or a bank employee, who has a large amount of money they need to get into or out of the country.

The con artist offers to give the victim a large portion of the money if they will set up a legitimate bank account that will be used to transfer millions of dollars. Documents are also sent to the victim with "important looking" seals and stamps. Eventually, the victim is scammed out of money by being asked to provide up front or advanced fees to cover attorney fees, taxes, etc.

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